Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Tenant News Roundup

News across California: 
California's Democratic Legislative Majority Betrays Tenants
Tenants Together Executive Director Dean Preston reports on the failure of Democrats in the State Legislature to support protection of tenants' security deposits.  

'Landlords From Hell' Accept Prison Terms for Terrorizing Tenants
Two San Francisco landlords have agreed to four-year prison terms for taking extreme measures to oust their tenants from their property. The landlords, for instance, tried to cut a hole through one tenant's floor and cut out the ceiling beams in another tenant's unit, attempting to destabilize the entire building.

Berkeley Housing Authority Cuts Vouchers Due to Sequester
Some tenants are losing their Section 8 housing vouchers, while applicants for the vouchers are being turned away, as a result of the sequester cuts in federal programs. The sequester is affecting many federal programs that provide services to low-income families and seniors. 

San Francisco Supervisors Approve Condo Legislation with Veto-Proof Majority  
Eight members of the Board of Supervisors voted to allows some TIC owners to convert their units to condominiums, but will shut down the conversion lottery until 2024.

Notable Tenant News Nationwide:
Massachusetts: Meet the Nation's Toughest New Foreclosure Protection Law
Lynn MA has enacted legislation that requires banks to maintain foreclosed properties, and allows both former homeowners and former tenants to remain in the property after the foreclosure sale.

Parties Foreclosing on Chicago Rentals Face New Obligations
Foreclosing lenders in Chicago must either continue to rent to sitting tenants or pay them relocation fees of $10,600.

Wells Fargo Settles Fair Housing Complaint on Foreclosed Homes
Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $42 million to settle claims that the bank failed to maintain their foreclosed properties in minority communities, while taking better care of foreclosed properties in majority white communities.

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