Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hall of Shame of Nomination Sparks Media Exposé on Fresno Mega-Landlord

After years of neglect, Fresno-based mega-landlord, JD Home Rentals sent a maintenance crew to one of its dilapidated rental properties after a nomination to Tenants Together’s Landlord Hall of Shame landed it in local evening news.

The story was covered by two local TV channels: KSEE 26, NBC and KMPH 24, Fox.

JD Home Rentals, owned and operated by father-son pair John and David Hovannisian, is notorious for renting substandard homes to Fresno’s most vulnerable tenants, including immigrants and low-income residents. The Better Business Bureau of Central California has given JD Home Rentals an ‘F’ score for receiving and failing to respond to a high number of complaints.

Afraid of retaliatory evictions, many JD Home Rentals tenants don’t complain about their substandard living conditions. When they do, their complaints generally go unanswered.

In response to the media spotlight, JD Home Rentals sent representatives to address complaints at one location. See video

It remains to be seen what repairs, if any, the mega-landlord will actually make.

Tenants Together will continue to keep the public pressure on JD Home Rentals and work with local tenant leaders and advocates to make sure that JD Home Rentals brings all its rental properties up to standard so its tenants can live healthy and dignified lives.

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