Friday, December 3, 2010

Fresno Paper Publishes Story on Hall of Shame

Since 1996, Community Alliance has served as the voice of the progressive movement in Fresno. The front page of their December issue features a story written by TT Organizer Giti Dadlani about the Landlord Hall of Shame.

From Community Alliance:
For years, tenants have tolerated landlord harassment, illegal evictions, hazardous living conditions and other forms of abuse with little recourse. Irresponsible landlords get away with these wrongful actions because of a lack of oversight, transparency and accountability. The lack of public information about these bad actors leaves tenants with no way to learn, in advance, if they are entering into a contract with an unscrupulous landlord, and no way to expose unethical or illegal behavior after the fact.

Visit Community Alliance's website for the full story.

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