Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tenants Together Launches Landlord Hall of Shame

Today, Tenants Together, California’s statewide organization for tenants’ rights,launched its Landlord Hall of Shame.

The Landlord Hall of Shame is designed to expose the worst landlords in California. Through the Landlord Hall of Shame, Tenants Together hopes to publicly shame bad landlords and deter future misconduct by landlords.

The first two Official Nominees to the Landlord Hall of Shame are Palo Alto-based real estate Developer David Taran and Bakersfield-based mega landlord Frank St. Clair.

Congratulations to Mr. Taran and Mr. St. Clair on their nomination to the Hall of Shame. They've been selected in recognition of the extensive misery they've caused California tenants.

Using an easy online form, California tenants can nominate a landlord for consideration to the Hall of Shame by going to Tenants Together plans to announce Official Nominees throughout the year. Annually, members of Tenants Together vote to determine which of the Official Nominees will be inducted into the Hall of Shame.

The message to bad California landlords is clear. Clean up your act, or be ready for a public shaming.

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