Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bay Guardian Covers Landlord Hall of Shame

Check out Rebecca Bowe's piece in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, New Website Featured Worst Landlords Ever.
"Tenants Together, a statewide nonprofit advocating for tenants’ rights, has launched a new website that allows tenants to nominate their landlords as the worst ever in California.

The Landlord Hall of Shame features a listing of landlords who’ve been suggested, officially nominated, or installed by vote into the Hall of Shame. The aim is to spotlight landlords who disrespect tenants' rights, try to force tenants out for their own economic gain, or act in some other egregious way that makes life miserable for a renter. While none of them will be dubbed Hall of Shamers until December, a couple of official nominees already sound like tough contenders."

To read the full article, click here.

The Landlord Hall of Shame was launched on Thursday, September 23, and has already generated significant interest and excitement. Tenants across California are suggesting potential nominees. To suggest a nominee, click here.

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