Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Member Spotlight: Ora in Concord

Ora Prochovnick, JD, is currently a Professor at John F Kennedy University. Over her law career, Ora has been frequently recognized for contributing expertise and legal assistance to the community in the area of housing advocacy, assistance to persons with AIDS, and LGBT rights. Recently she decided to support Tenants Together's work in Concord, Contra Costa County by hosting our monthly clinic at JFKU's community center in Concord and encouraging her students to volunteer as well as volunteering her time.

Ora Prochovnick, JD, is a Professor at JFK University
As a child growing up on the south side of Chicago, I experienced the impact of housing injustice when my family had to deal with the stress, turmoil and dislocation of frequent moves because of evictions, threats of eviction and condo conversions. Despite this we were always safely housed and I realize what a privilege this was. Sadly I came tor realize this was not a privilege enjoyed by all, despite the fact that housing is a basic human necessity. This realization is what in large part has led me to advocate for renters' rights. When a basic human service, such as shelter, is combined with the severe greed, profit motive and shortages which are especially rampant in the bay area market, it results in an essential unfairness which I believe must be addressed.  I support Tenants Together because it is the only organization which is trying to address this problem at the statewide level, and because it does this through grassroots organizing work, which I believe is so essential to building a movement and creating lasting change. To me housing justice means: healthy, safe and affordable homes for all, located in a diverse community which is accessible to places of employment, shopping, services and open spaces.

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