Tuesday, January 6, 2015

83-Year Old Tenant Finds New Home Thanks to Outpouring of Support

Tenants Together is pleased to announce that 83-year old Dorothy Morris has found a new home that will take her section 8 Voucher.  Thanks to her determination and an outpouring of support, Morris will avoid homelessness and land in a decent, affordable home in Sacramento.  She will no longer be subject to mistreatment by Sacramento Manor.

We reiterate that this eviction never should have occurred.  Seniors should not be subject to eviction simply for having their rent subsidized by the section 8 program.  As Dorothy has noted at every point, picking up and moving is extremely difficult for someone of her age. California must ban section 8 discrimination and adopt additional protections against eviction of seniors.

Tenants Together is proud to have played a role in this outcome for Dorothy.  We also recognize that it took an entire community to make this happen.  Hundreds of TT members across the state took action upon learning of this eviction.  TT’s legal department also intervened to make sure Dorothy got the help she needed.  Our allies at California Alliance for Retired Americans, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Resources for Independent Living, Sacramento Housing Alliance, and Legal Services of Northern California all played key roles in securing this outcome.

Attorney Christopher J. Fry of Law Offices of Ted A. Greene learned of the case from the publicity and was so moved that he offered to represent Dorothy on a pro bono basis.  He has filed a motion to undo the eviction judgment and is considering suing Sacramento Manor on Dorothy’s behalf.  We commend Fry for taking on this important case.


Dorothy and all other section 8 tenants were forced out of Sacramento Manor, a senior housing community in Sacramento.  According the Sacramento Bee, “Sacramento Manor manager Jessica Dawn Gering testified in the one-day trial that the landlord evicted Morris as part of its effort to rid itself of federally-subsidized Section 8 tenants.”  Dorothy was not represented by an attorney in the eviction case.  The judge entered a directed verdict for the landlord, refusing to allow the jury that was impaneled to render a decision.

Morris was scheduled for eviction on January 2, 2015.  The Sacramento Manor would not agree to a several day extension requested by Morris through her lawyer, instead pressing forward with plans to have the sheriff remove Morris from her home. How Sacramento Manor can call itself a place “where seniors thrive” is baffling in light of their abusive conduct toward this elderly tenant.  Morris is packing and preparing to move into her new home in the upcoming days.

California law does not expressly ban Section 8 discrimination, emboldening landlords to blatantly discriminate against low-income tenants who rely on a Section 8 voucher to subsidize their rent. Sign the petition to ban Section 8 discrimination now.

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