Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2014 Tenant News Roundup

Rising rents, securitization of the rental market, widespread housing speculation in rent-controlled cities, corruption in State government. Tenants in California have had enough and they're fighting back! There was overwhelming turnout at our Day of Action, kicking off a legislative session that we hope will change how tenant issues are treated in Sacramento (which, as tenants and advocates know, is usually not very well).

Notable Renters' Day of Action 2014 coverage:
Rally at State Capitol Ignites Ellis Act Reform
Photos from the day
Even better photos from the day
Tenants Take Field Trip to Sacramento

Local coverage on tenant issues:
LA City Councilmember Wants You to Pay to Make Your Rented Apartment Earthquake Safe
Landlord Forced to Pay Up in Santa Monica
Fresno Tenants Sue Valley's Biggest Slumlord

State and national housing trends:
Statistics on housing affordability make their way to the news.
California's Affordable Rental Housing Crisis
U.S. Becoming a 'Renter Nation' Says Olefson
Center for Housing Policy Report: The Housing Affordability Challenges of America’s Working Households

State politics:
Some of the landlord lobby's favorite politicians are in trouble with the law.
Senator Rod Wright Overplays His Hand
Ron Calderon pleads not guilty to corruption charges

Housing speculation roundup:
Speculators in rental markets beware. The issue is getting more media play and it's not in your favor.
Two California Bills Set Up Battle Over Condo Conversions
Activists Call for Revival of Harvey Milk's Anti-Speculation Proposal
Watch Out, Shady Landlords: Renters Have New Ally in Congress
Evicted San Francisco Seniors File Criminal Complaints Against Landlords
Infographic on globalization of the real-estate industry
Everyone in town (except a few landlords) is supporting Leno’s Ellis Act bill

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