Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 2014 tenant news roundup

The San Francisco Bay Area is erupting with protests over displacement, gentrification, and rising rents. For the media, it seemed to begin with the "Google Bus" protests last month, which attacked a symbol of gentrification in San Francisco's Mission district, and sparked a flurry of press coverage and discussion on the issue. 

Protest and tenant organizing has opened window of opportunity to change the Ellis Act, which has been a key tool of speculators to evict long-term tenants from rent-controlled properties. These unfair evictions swell during boom times when the housing market is tight and there's quick millions to be made in the real-estate market. Now is the time to fight back against displacement. Tenants across the state will march on Sacramento on February 18th in a Day of Action to fight back against unfair evictions and rising rents. We are also going to support SB 391, the Homes & Jobs act, and to demand the restoration of the Renters' Rebate.

San Francisco housing crisis:

Elsewhere in California:

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