Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Make a quick phonecall for more housing with fair rents

This year Governor Brown vetoed a bill that would have helped renters in need of affordable housing. AB 1229 (Atkins) would have clarified that cities have the power to adopt and enforce inclusionary housing laws as a means to increase the supply of affordable rental housing.

We're facing the worst housing crisis in generations, and we need leadership from the Governor's office. We need more affordable housing, not less.

Call or send a letter to Governor Brown telling him you're disappointed in his veto of AB 1229 and that we need real solutions to this housing crisis. Tell the Governor to start prioritizing the needs of struggling California renters.

Take action now!

1) Click here to send a letter

2) Call: (916) 445-2841 "I'm disappointed in your veto of AB 1229. What are you doing to help renters suffering from this housing crisis?"

3) Spread the word! Distribute flyers in your community demanding action from the Governor. Click here to download a printable flyer.

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