Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tenant Toolkit: It’s Your Money!

Tenant Toolkit is a regular feature on our blog where we round up important resources that empower tenants to become knowledgeable about renters' issues and effectively assert their rights. 

Worried about getting all of your security deposit back? You’re not alone. Of all the problems that California’s 15 million renters deal with, security deposit theft is one of the most common. In fact,  unfair withholdings from security deposits happen so often that most tenants expect to never get it back. This has to change!

Do you know your rights? Here’s a roundup of some of the best resources to help you get every penny of your money back.

Security Deposit FAQ

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Check out our handy guide to frequently asked questions about security deposits. You’ll learn the maximum amount of time landlords can take when returning your deposit, what steps you should follow when you move in (and move out) to proactively protect your money, and what to do when your security deposit is unfairly withheld.

Important Sample Letters

When you’re dealing with your landlord, it’s always best to have things in writing. A written letter can serve as an important record and also lets your landlord know that you take business transactions seriously. That’s why we’ve created some sample letters to help you deal with different security deposit issues.

Join the Fight to Stop Deposit Theft!

Looking to join the fight to end deposit theft all across California? Find out what’s happening with the End Deposit Theft campaign by visiting and following @EndDepositTheft on Twitter. Use the hashtag #EndDepositTheft to keep the conversation going online, share resources with others and empower fellow renters.

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