Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Tenant News Roundup

News Across California:

Statewide: FTC Warns Tenant Blacklisting Websites
Five years after Tenants Together complained about the violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the FTC has issued warning letters to several "tenant screening" websites.

Merced: Tioga Apartment Residents Told to Pay Up or Get Out
Tenants in a Merced apartment building were served with "pay or quit" notices demanding payment of rent they don't owe. One of the building's managers was allegedly embezzling funds from the management company.

Sacramento: Critics Question Investment Fund's Sacramento Rental Venture
Concerns that Blackstone, one of the large investment groups in the US, will have negative consequences for the housing market in Sacramento's single-family rental market. Tenants Together's Executive Director is interviewed for the article.

Notable Nationwide Tenant News:   

Nebraska: Tenants in Apartment Complex Will Not Have to Move Tuesday
Tenants in a foreclosed apartment complex were served with a Writ of Possession, giving them only four days to move, though the Federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act allows for longer. Occupy Lincoln and other community support forced Fannie Mae to delay the evictions.

Minnesota: City Buckles Down on Landlords
The Minneapolis City Council is attempting to craft an ordinance that would force landlords to maintain their properties without revoking the landlords' licenses. Revoking the license closes down the building and forces tenants to move. Some investors who bought foreclosed properties, in particular, are failing to maintain their buildings.

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