Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Tenant News Roundup

News across California:

San Luis Obispo: 40 students displaced after safety violations found at SLO condos
Students in SLO displaced by slum conditions and illegal property divisions that caused overcrowding. According to the article, these conditions had existed at the property since at least 1994.

Alameda: Council members: Rising rents could prompt controls
Tenants in a multi-unit building in the city of Alameda are facing rent increases of 55% or more after a change of ownership. Some council members open to considering rent control in response.

Fresno: Assessor Mailed More Than 2,000 Foreclosure Fact Sheets
Fresno County is one of only two counties in California where the government warns tenants that the property in which they live may be going into foreclosure. The Fresno Assessor provides information for both homeowners and tenants in distressed properties.

LA County: Courts Plan Will Hurt Poor Tenants, Advocates Say
The decision to reduce the number of courts hearing eviction cases will have a detrimental impact on low-income tenants, as they will have to travel long distances to the court hearing their cases. In some cases tenants would have to take public transportation from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica for a hearing.

Notable nationwide tenant news:

Your New Landlord Works on Wall Street
More investment companies taking up the business of being landlords, driving up the cost of rent in many communities. Many companies can be absentee landlords who make minimal cosmetic repairs.

R.I. Pols to Talk Tenants' Rights Bill
Rhode Island politicians are discussing a "just cause" eviction bill for tenants in foreclosed properties there. Last year a similar bill passed the Rhode Island House of Representatives, but failed in the State Senate.

Union Members Fight Foreclosure Evictions with Sit-downs and Blockades
Community organizations and unions have been working to stop evictions of homeowners in foreclosed properties.