Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get Involved! Make Things Happen!

Tenants Together is a dynamic, growing organization, and our power comes from you. Join with us and tenants across the state to protect and improve renters' rights throughout California. Here is how our members are getting the word out:

Grab a friend and set up a table at a shopping plaza or other busy intersection. TT will send you written materials to help you engage others in our work.

Door-knocking: Meet your neighbors while informing them about their rights. Groups of 2 or more choose a block or a neighborhood and knock on doors to get people talking about renters' rights.

Speaking up: Attend a City Council meeting and remind your local elected officials that they represent renters, not just homeowners.

Plan a meeting: Pull together some friends and allies for a meeting in your home or in a public place. Work together to create a Tenant Action Group that will set the agenda in your city.

For more information about taking action for tenant rights, email or call 415-495-8100.

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