Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tenants Together Members Fight Bank Evictions and Win: CNN Covers Their Stories

Thousands of tenants in California have been unlawfully evicted by post-foreclosure landlords, typically banks. With the help of Tenants Together, a growing number of tenants are standing up for their rights and winning.

Today, CNN profiled the victory of two Tenants Together members. Sandra Pearson, a Santa Maria tenant, got OneWest Bank to dismiss an eviction lawsuit against her and allow her to stay in her home through the end of her lease. Owen Casper, a San Diego tenant, fought back against an aggressive real estate agent and got Fannie Mae to offer him a new, year-long lease. Now both of these tenants have the security of knowing they can continue residing in their homes.

As Sandra posted on our Facebook page, "Remember that song - I fought the law and the law won? Today I'm singing - I fought the bank and I won!"

Read the full article CNN article by clicking here.

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