Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tenant Activists Call Out Fannie Mae for Throwing Out Tenants After Foreclosure

Fannie Mae is being called out by tenant activists for pushing tenants out of their homes in violation of both the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act and its own written policies.

Tenants Together, which operates a hotline for tenants in foreclosure situations, announced in a press release today that it has received a growing number of calls from tenants living in properties acquired by Fannie Mae at foreclosure. Tenants in these properties report being harassed and misinformed by Fannie Mae-contracted real estate agents in violation of their rights both under tenant protection laws and Fannie Mae’s own, recently adopted policies.

Additionally, Tenants Together has sent a letter to Fannie Mae demanding that it comply with tenant protection laws and its own policies, establish a tenant-friendly complaint system for its tenants to file complaints over harassment by its contractors, and that it terminate all its contractual relationships with real estate agents, lawyers, and contractors that provide false or misleading information to its tenants.

In Texas, Robert Doggett, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid reports that Fannie Mae is being as bold as to serve tenants with Notices to Vacate that spell out how it will go about violating the federal law. Check out his blog post.

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