Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KALW's Sheriff Eviction Ride Along

KALW public radio has been doing an extraordinary series on the impact of the economic crisis on people's lives called the "Economic Edge."

Journalist Zoe Corneli recently did a piece on renters caught in the foreclosure crisis, which included an interview with Dean, our executive director and with our foreclosure hotline volunteers. Now Corneli reports on her ride along with a Alameda County Sheriff as he performs his numerous daily evictions.

Listen to this excellent report here:

From KALW:
We often hear about foreclosures putting people out on the streets, but for that to happen, someone has to translate a court order into real life. That someone is the sheriff. In Alameda County, foreclosures have increased the number of evictions from about 300 to about 500 each month. The deputies who perform those evictions have a first hand look at some of the real life impacts of a down economy. We sent KALW’s Zoe Corneli to ride along on an Alameda County eviction route."

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