Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Radio Coverage of Impact of Foreclosure Crisis on Tenants

From the "Economic Edge" series on Crosscurrents on KALW Radio. This excellent report includes interviews with our executive director, Dean Preston and our Tenant Foreclosure Hotline volunteer, Heather Freinkel.

Listen to the story here:

"When we hear about foreclosures in the media, it's usually about one of two things. Either homeowners were victimized by predatory lenders, or they simply made their own bad financial decisions. Well, new data is coming out suggesting that a significant portion of people affected by foreclosures did absolutely nothing wrong to get into the situation. That’s because they’re tenants, who paid their rent and in some cases didn’t even know the landlord was going through foreclosure. But when the sheriff comes to evict, they bear the consequences. KALW’s Zoe Corneli brings us the story of one tenant in the Bay Area city of Brentwood."

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