Monday, February 9, 2009

Pushing out the poor?

On Calpensions, a blog that covers "CalPERS, CalSTRS, and other government pensions," Ed Mendel recently posted a rather detailed piece titled "CalPERS: pushing out the poor" in which he addresses CalPERS $100 million investment with Page Mill Properties, a large predatory landlord in East Palo Alto that is forcing out good tenants with excessive rent hikes and unjust evictions.

In December, Tenants Together joined the East Palo Alto mayor and other activists in a delegation to address the CalPERS Board of Adminstration concerning their investment with Page Mill Properties. We urged CalPERS to do everything in their power to intervene with their investment partner and move them to cease and desist their excessive rent hikes and evictions.

While Page Mill claims they have done extensive improvements to their rental properties, Mr. Mendel met with Page Mill tenants and who showed him their units in states of serious disrepair and neglect. Tenants and activists also told of the harrassment they have experienced from Page Mill.

Learn more about the EPA tenants' fight against Page Mill Properties at the website.

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