Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Arnold, Arnold Stop the Hate. Give us Back our Rent Rebate!"

When Governor Schwarzenegger used his line item veto on the State budget last month, he saved his harshest cuts for programs that benefit some of California's most vulnerable citizens -- low income seniors and disabled folks. With the stroke of his pen, the Governor eliminated all $150 million of funding for the Renters Tax Assistance Program, a decades-long program which served nearly half a million low income Californians last year.


Tenants Together is collaborating with organizations across California who advocate for seniors, the disabled, and tenants to demand the restoration of funding for this program. Find out how you can get involved in this effort and take action now.

This week there were spirited protests in both San Francisco and Los Angeles to demand full funding for this and other programs that serve poor and low income Californians.

On Tuesday in Los Angeles dozens of seniors and homeless people gathered outside the Governor's district office chanting "Hey Governor, don't be a creep! The homeless need a place to sleep!" and denouncing Schwarzenegger's cuts. Hunger Action Los Angeles and other allies organized the event. Annenberg Radio News covered the story.


On Wednesday in San Francisco the Senior Action Network, Seniors Organizing Seniors, the Central City SRO Collaborative, and other organizations turned out over 100 protesters in front of the State Building on Van Ness Street. The crowd shouted "Arnold, Arnold stop the hate. Give us back our rent rebate!" and other clever chants and several speakers called out the Governor for his heartless cutbacks. Paul Hogarth has excellent coverage of the event on

These events are mere warm ups for a statewide day of action on November 19th. If you are interested in holding a rally in your region or for more information about this campaign contact Tenants Together!

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